Recipes for and with Cheese Dots

  • Cheese Dots™ Tarte Tatin

    If you like cheese on your apple pie, this one is for you! Tarte Tatin with Cheese Dots crust!

  • Deep Dish Cheese Dots™ Pizza

    Is there any way to make pizza better? Yes! With Cheese Dots crust!

  • Easy Cheese Dots™ Pull-Apart + Leek Crema

    This easy way to bake Cheese Dots is purely aesthetic for your entertaining days and is perfect to put a dip in the middle...any dip. Here we have our Leek Crema, but you can use whatever one you like the most.

  • Cheese Dots™ Pizza Buns

    Easy, delicious, amazing to entertain with, kids friendly.

  • Requeijão

    Talking about requeijão is like talking about gold in this household. I have always loved requeijão, but Andrew is on another level. I don't even know if there is a word to describe how he feels about it.

  • Garlic Cheese Dots™ Pull-apart

    Change the shape and serve this at any occasion! Garlic Pull-apart has never been this good!

  • Chimichurri

    This recipe visits Brazil's neighbouring countries, Argentina and Uruguay, as we make Chimichurri. Traditional pairing to meat, this herb relish is slightly acidic, a bit spicy, and full of flavours.
    The perfect combination for our little steak sandwiches.

  • Bacon Onion Jam with Maple Whiskey

    An indulgent yummy recipe to pay homage to Canada: bacon onion jam using maple whisky.

  • Burger Slider + Herb Mayo

    This recipe will show you how we make our Cheese Dots Burger Sliders, as well as teach you a simple herb mayo, hoping you will never buy mayo again!

  • Olive & Ricotta Tapenade

    An adaptation of Paloma's mother's olive tapenade, this is a great pairing to Cheese Dots.

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