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Paloma & Andrew

Paloma is from São Paulo, Brazil. She was raised in a family that always cared about eating well and cooking from scratch.

At a young age, she pursued a dream of working in fashion and moved to Florence, Italy, where she developed an obsession for food and culture. 

In 2015 she changed her life around and moved to Canada, despite her nostalgia for her family and roots. Here she earned a Culinary degree and started working at a restaurant . That’s when she met Andrew.


Andrew was born in Nova Scotia, but was raised in Niagara Falls. From a young age, he was always very curious and eager to learn. 

He graduated from the Guelph University with a Bachelor of Science before entering the hospitality industry.

His obsession with new flavours and trying different things led him through an interesting path of cooking, winemaking and then eventually beer - his knowledge on the subject is incredible! He was working at a brewery when he met Paloma.


Together, they created a place where, culture, quality and respect combine - Paz Bakery.

To know more, read Tiffany Mayer's article here.


Our name has a lot of meaning and if you ever wondered why we chose it, this drawing can help you understand.

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