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Paz: Peace & so much more

Ever wondered what Paz means? Now is the time to find out.

We had a product and we had a name for the product, but Cheese Dots isn’t a company name. We had to find another name. A name for us.

And that took a while too, even though it turned out to be pretty obvious. I don’t even remember the other names we came up with, but the thought process behind Paz stuck.

Paz means peace in Portuguese and Spanish, but for us it means a lot more.

The idea was that you can get Cheese Dots at Paloma and Andrew’s place.

Paloma and Andrew - P and A - PA – Pa is my nickname in Brazil. Interesting.

Ok, you can get Cheese Dots at Pa’s.

Pa’s…that sounds a bit like Paz, which is Peace.

The symbol of Peace is a Dove, which is the meaning of Paloma is Spanish.

Ok, that rounds up well. Cool.

Obviously, when I was designing our logo, it was a dove. The origami dove, because we love origami, because it is the foldings of life that create beauty and who we are.

And something probably no one notices is that the Z in Paz is a bit smaller, like an apostrophe. And that is to remember that it is PA’s still. Paloma and Andrew’s.

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