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Well, at least that's the idea we started with, but we went to Cheese Boutique to restock their freezer with Cheese Dots and we found a beautiful Vieux Brugge. A cow's milk cheese from Belgium that is further aged in the store's cellar.

To pair that, we wanted cranberries and while looking around, I was intrigued by La Dee Da's Cranberry, Orange & Vodka Jelly.

What a combo! The boozy and sweet jelly is fantastic with this funky cheese! And it made for a gorgeous appetizer for the holidays.

Ok, so I know not everyone is going to drive to Cheese Boutique to get this cheese and try this specific combination, so make it easy on yourself.

A nice creamy brie will go very well with this jelly, but also with Cranberry sauce.

It's a classic pairing already, we just added Cheese Dots to make it cheesier.

If you want to try the jelly though, I found it at Sobey's at their "local" section. Yes, La Dee Da is local, from Milton, Ontario, and women-owned.

Check out their website here.

And try this at home!

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