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paz bakery

Ready-to-bake products that bring people together.

We believe that food, at its core, brings joy and is the reason why people come together, while baking is a symbol of comfort and union because, really... nothing says "home" like the smell of fresh baked goods.


Our products are an invitation to gather around the table, but we do the work, so you can focus on the perk:

sharing comforting food that makes everyone feel good. 

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PAZ Bakery - Cheese Dots-1727
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PAZ Bakery - Cheese Dots-1790
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PAZ Bakery - Cheese Dots-1776


what we do

We make baking easy!

In this hectic lifestyle, you need some cooking hacks, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise taste and quality!

Our ready-to-bake products are made with high quality ingredients and frozen to maintain freshness.

They are also easy to prepare, so you can take some of the credit when you share!

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These cheese dots are spectacular. I buy them almost every week. I’m celiac and have a hard time finding really tasty buns and baked goods. These are life changing. I pull a couple out, heat them up while I’m making dinner and bam freshly baked bits to go with any meal.


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