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The Heaviest Matter of the Universe || Metal

Text by Who is Mohit.

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As time goes on, I find myself slowly pulling away from metal. While there is much to appreciate about the instrumental proficiency and chaotic energy channeled through music, it rarely is what I'm actively listening to.

However, in a concert setting not much rivals the aural onslaught brought on by many of these artists. Dillinger Escape Plan put on what is probably the most intense concert I've had the pleasure of attending... Complete with the guitarist @benweinman diving 20 feet off of a speaker onto the crowd and the entire audience rushing onto stage to mosh with the band in a potent 60-minute audio-visual overload that felt like an emotional exorcism.⠀

This is a compilation of the various styles of metal, classics and new, that I find myself spinning when I choose to revisit the genre.⠀

Art is by old buddy @artoramaramani.⠀

Tune in for some heavies!" Link below:

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