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Summer of 2017

A couple of months went by. I kept going to that brewery on my break and working. Living life with my head down.

At work, we had really nice staff, we all got along well. They often went out for a beer, but not me, usually.

It was towards the end of August 2017, we had had a pretty good day at the restaurant. And one of our servers was in a great mood and asked us to go out for a beer, I said no. But she insisted, she insisted a lot. And then she hugged me.

I'm not sure why she did that, but it convinced me. For the warmth or so she would stop doing it, I don't know, but I finally said yes.

We went to this bar, the spot where all the nearby restaurants' staff gets together. They have cheap beer and stay open till 2 am.

We sat by the bar, one of my co-workers knew someone already sitting there, so we sat there too. I ordered a half-pint. I didn't want to be there, let alone drink and drive.

I think that was when Andrew walked in with one of his co-workers. I spotted him. I guess I had noticed him after all. He had served me a couple of hours earlier. He first sat by a table close by. Then moved to the bar, sort of across from us.

We had noticed each other. Waved hi. And as I was finishing my half-pint of beer, he sent me another one. I interpreted it as a joke because at the brewery he works at, it was common for my friends to offer their staff draft to me, so I never paid. I sent him one too, that way I paid for something.

But that was that. We bumped into each other going to the bathroom, said hi, but nothing more. I didn't know his name, I don't know if he knew mine, but we left the bar as nothing had happened or so I thought.

The next morning, I woke up to a Facebook message, sent at 1:54 am - " the risk of being very untraditional and slightly creepy..." he finally introduced himself.

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