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Solitary Cabin - Sleepy Indie

Text by Who is Mohit

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Hey folks.

Starting right now, I'm going to be curating music I love for my friends over at Paz Bakery.

Music is one of my biggest obsessions and always has been - I barely ever do anything without some sort of personalized background score. just ask my friends, family and coworkers. a friend recently asked me, "do you always play music because you're afraid of being alone with your thoughts?" uhh, absolutely not. maybe... possibly. I figured if I could put it to any use at all, this seemed like a decent enough way!

We've agreed to have no bar on genre, so I'm gonna start with the styles of music I most often gravitate towards and then expand from there.


This week, the playlist we have is befitting to our collective current situation. Wind down at the end of your day to this soothing collection of some of my favourite indie tunes. evoking a sense of longing and nostalgia, it's music to let your mind drift off to.

The art is by the lovely @rorochanfartsarts.

My favourite track on here is by the supremely talented @maitiboy - Another Room, Another Wonder.


"this is your new home

so you just retreat

shut the door behind you

heavenly abode

a quiet kingdom

and not a foreign sound

a place of your own

another room, another wonder."


Paz Radio, comin' atcha every Friday for the foreseeable future. Tune in and I hope you enjoy it! You can listen to the Solitary Cabin playlist following the link below.

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