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Nuevo Flow || Hip-hop Outliers

Text by Who is Mohit.

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Sup y'all.

This week on Paz Radio, we're comin' atcha with a collection of alternative hip-hop tracks.

Includes emotionally charged delivery touching on ever-looming racial unease in the form of McKinley Dixon's Circle the Block + Riz Ahmed's Where You From; tight & unfamiliar production in a song off of the classic Madvillain record, coupled with Aesop Rock's world-weaving storytelling that occasionally requires an accompanying thesaurus. The dude’s just flexing, but he’s allowed.

Art is by the cool ass @artoramaramani.

My favourite track on here must be Aesop Rock's Blood Sandwich, a tale of his estranged brother and growing up in the 90s as a rebellious teen riding the wave of counterculture. Evokes fond memories of my mum going through Slipknot lyrics in a cassette tape she found, growing immediately concerned for my brother in a classic case of "omg mom u don't understand!!"

"What occurred next were the top of the lungs

Of a son who unjustly had lost what he loved

In a moment that would transcend anger to high art

Said, 'This is something I am willing to die for!'

Can you even imagine a death in the fam from industrial fandom?"

Tune in. Link below.

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