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lucid dreams || post rock+⁣

Text by Who is Mohit.

If you don't know Who is Mohit, head to our Music section to know more.

While everything around us seems bleak and this year manages to consistently push us further into a desolate state of mind, it's important to do our best to stay centred. A lot of us are doing our part with donations, dissemination of information, protesting, having uncomfortable conversations all while dealing with the sordid state of affairs even outside of societal issues - taking time for yourself is paramount. All of this can be extremely overwhelming.⁣

Today's playlist is ideal for self-reflection and zoning out to, much like 'fjord hopping'. Ideal apocalypse background score. Play it at the end of your social media ridden day - wind down, relax and collect your thoughts. Close to 1.5 hours of lush, atmospheric, beautiful songs in this post rocky collection. 90% instrumental. 100% feels.

The mood of the playlist couldn't have been better captured by the art. All hail @artoramaramani.⁣

Mum went to catholic school, and a sister Margaret always told her something that she has since relayed to me, and I apply that to the best of my ability - it seems relevant here. "One day at a time, sweet Jesus." ⁣

Working on it, ma!⁣

We're all doing the best we can. Let's just take it one day at a time. Start by taking time for yourself.⁣

Tune into Paz radio. ⁣

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