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As a Brazilian and a Canadian, it is important to us to build a multicultural brand that aims to unite and bring peace through the power of food.

We believe in simple acts of kindness, respect and equality. We believe in a more sustainable way of living that can protect and restore our ecosystem. We believe that if everyone can do a little bit in their own circle, we can all achieve greater things.


So what are we doing?

If you are part of our mailing list, you know that I like to finish my emails with a tip to help you minimize the waste in your home, by saving food and also money. If you follow us on social media, you know I'm pretty big on reusing our pouches and giving you ideas to save your food, rather than throw it out, but where does that put our business?

Our manufacturing process generates ZERO food waste.

We know that isn't enough though.

We try to incorporate sustainable practices in our everyday operations, from choosing environmentally friendly materials to decreasing our carbon footprint. Make sure to also check out our Eggshell Dust Project here.

We are also committed to helping local non-profit organizations that have the same values and beliefs, like Second Harvest, and if you don't know about their work, you can read more here below.


Second Harvest is the largest food rescue program in Canada. That means they find surplus, edible food that businesses can’t use, and through their food recovery network, get it to the people in our communities who need it.

Rescuing food is the core of what they do, but they also have other programs like Harvest Kitchens,  Feeding Our Future, and their ongoing work in education, training, and research. 

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