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Jam Sandwich || Medley⁣

Text by Who is Mohit.

If you don't know Who is Mohit, head to our Music section to know more.

"Let's keep this one short(er than the others?). Today's playlist on Paz Radio is a feel-good melange of funky + orchestral rock, soulful R&B, upbeat indie, pop, and more! Starts off groovy, grows poppy (insert heroin pun here), before taking a left turn and turning the intensity down as the playlist wraps up. Hit play and take a bullet train right to vibe central.⁣

Art is by @rorochanfartsarts, thanks for perfectly encapsulating this playlist's vibe by portraying me chilling on a strawberry.⁣

It was tough to pick my favourite tune of the bunch, but a front-runner is definitely the new @khruangbin single, Time. Do yourself a favour and check out the video for it. Mad wholesome.⁣

"C'est la vie⁣






E a vida⁣

That's life."⁣

Paz Radio's link below. Go to it. Thanks for listening!"

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