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Text by Who is Mohit.

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This week on Paz Radio, we're taking a departure from the usual scheme of things. A collection of music that's quite challenging to put in any sort of box, jam-packed with the genre-bending and unusual. Highlighting artists that push the envelope with songs that are experimental within and across genres including, but not limited to: psychedelic, glitchy electronic, Armenian jazz, avant-garde hip-hop and hard rock.⁣⁣


Let's talk about the art for a sec. The tone and concept of this playlist begged for someone with similar sensibilities to produce accompanying artwork. @vrushodh_ (a.k.a bichendar/binky/toyota subra) was a very obvious fit, thanks to his experience experimenting with data corruption in film that he has incorporated into this fun, disorienting and abstract but carefully calculated video. Building upon this style, he has used clips related to the songs in the playlist (JPEGMAFIA's intimidating mug, Radiohead performing The National Anthem live and Flying Lotus' music video for MmmHmm) and of course, a whole lot of my face... my apologies. The video is set to the opener of the playlist. ⁣⁣


Tune in with an open mind!⁣⁣


Lincoln below.

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