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Brass Knuckles || Modern Funk + SoulCW: Sax & Violins

Text by Who is Mohit.

If you don't know Who is Mohit, head to our Music section to know more.


This fine Friday on Paz Radio, we've got the funk. A medley of brass ensembles, funky bands & modern soulful artists - it's 58 minutes of unadulterated jazzy foot-tapping groove. Use the first half of this as a soundtrack to have a solo dance party in the confines of your own home! Play this while you cook dinner! Clean your house to this! Or don't. That's cool too.

The art is by my brother from the same mother Mihir Ashok The dude's been in an insta-slumber for aeons now and hopefully, this will nudge him to wake up and post more... But who knows, he does what he wants.


My favourite track on here is probably (daddy, he's got a) Tesla by Vulfpeck recorded in concert @ Madison Square Garden (Whole show is worth a watch, or 12) with the insanely tight @natesmithdrums as a special live guest.


Link below:

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