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We love music here at Paz Bakery and have always wanted to share that love with you. To be honest, though, our thing is making Cheese Dots - so we asked our friend Mohit, who is obsessed with music, to help us with that.

Who is Mohit

Mohit is always on the hunt for all sorts of tunes - old & new, always attempting to broaden his spectrum and understanding of music. 


He grew up listening to music from the late 90s. Angsty nu-metal, alternative & punk rock were the soundtrack to his adolescence. Nowadays, he has an affinity for alternative hip-hop, downtempo electronic & indie.

Paz Radio

With Mohit, Paz Radio is born - playlists that are 12 songs long; roughly an album's worth for you to exercise, chill or cook to. There will generally be a combination of classics and current tracks. The underlying moods may vary among the songs as well, depending on the type of playlist.


We will release a new playlist every Friday and you can use the player here to find out what we're jamming to this week. 


You can find out more about the playlist of the week on our blog.

Start your weekend with us. Stay tuned and enjoy the music.

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