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Fjord Hopping || Introspective Ambient

Text by Who is Mohit.

If you don't know Who is Mohit, head to our Music section to know more.

This fine Friday on Paz Radio, we're gonna try to help you leave it all behind. Constant work calls? E-mails? Looking at Instagram stories and developing doubts about being "productive" enough? Houseparty notifications (turn those off, hella annoying)? Take yourself down a notch. Step back. Breathe. Throw this on.

A collection of dream-like, deeply moving electronic songs - this might be my favourite out of all the playlists for Paz Radio.

While there will be a bunch of folks who don't actively listen to instrumental music - I request you to take this trip with me, even if it lies outside your usual vein of music consumption. If nothing else, this makes for a fantastic sleep playlist - I've used it to that end multiple times over the past few weeks.

Art is by the broheim, thanks for throwing a mini-me onto a Nordic landscape, it's the closest I will get to actually being there for the foreseeable future.

My favourite track on here is Tree Synthesizers by Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood. The moment this ethereal song began playing during the end title of You Were Never Really Here, I was floored. Even if the whole playlist isn't for you, check this one out.

Happy listening, take it easy. Link below.

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