We are Andrew and Paloma. Together, we make Paz Bakery, a place where our love and cultures blend into food.

Paloma, the Brazilian part of Paz Bakery, was living in Canada and missed her favourite Brazilian treat called pão de queijo (cheese bun) and decided to try to make them using what she could find locally, just like Brazilians did when they created this treat. But she wasn’t only looking for taste, or the reminiscent smell when the buns are baking, she wanted to create a feeling of home. 

Andrew, the Canadian half of Paz Bakery, was the one that suggested trying Oka. Not only was it one of the oldest and most traditional Canadian cheeses but he knew it had the same strength of flavour and aroma indicative of Brazilian pão de queijo. We were so happy with this discovery because it was a blend of our cultures. Much like how we feel for each other, this pairing of ingredients was a perfect match.​

What started as simply pão de queijo, became something more heartfelt, something we believe wasn’t meant only for Brazilians. We believe it is for everyone, no matter where you are from. So, we changed the name to something everyone could pronounce. Cheese Dots. Dot, because it looks like a dot, the period of a sentence. A statement, not a question. And our dots are really CHEESE, period. 

In Brazil, pão de queijo is everywhere and eaten at every moment of the day. In Canada, pão de queijo is not well known, but those who know Cheese Dots, simply love these delicious snacks. 

Our goal is to make Cheese Dots as popular in Canada as they are in their native country. 

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