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The Light

We started messaging each other frequently, at all times of the day.

Until he asked me out. I don't know if it was on a date or not, I guess we were just going to grab a beer and get to know each other.

We met at a bar not too far from where we live today - I remember he was wearing these green chino pants (he doesn't wear denim), a white t-shirt, and grey hipster-looking shoes - but it was too loud in that bar, so we walked to another place.

We spent the entire night talking about music, movies, books, travels and everything that we had in common. Nothing different, but everything different.

It seems crazy to say that, but in so little time, he felt so right. It was as if being there with him, had taken away all the weight I was carrying on my shoulders. I felt light and alive. And all of a sudden, everything sort of felt like home.

At the end of my dark tunnel, I finally saw the light: him.

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