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Garlic Cheese Dots™ Pull-apart

You know those cheesy garlic pull-apart breads you usually make with pizza dough? Well, we just changed the game!

We made this for Xmas, therefore the tree shape, but you can make this in any shape you want.

It was meant to be an appetizer, so we started small, but the family soon decided it was too little. We had to increase the portion and even still, it felt we didn't make enough. That's how good the Garlic Cheese Dots Pull-apart is! The picture below is before we increased the portion.

Anyways, let's get to it. You will need:

- Cheese Dots (smoked or not) - we used 32 to feed 6 people as an appetizer.

- 2 cloves of garlic

- 120g salted butter

- herbs of your choice: rosemary, thyme, oregano all go well.


- Place frozen Cheese Dots close together, in your desired shape. A Bundt pan or Angelfood pan would work great here!

- Bake @400F until slightly golden: because they are close together, it will probably be more than 25 min. Set it for 20 minutes and then gage from there.

- In the meantime: melt the butter, mince the garlic and chop the herbs. Once chopped, toss them in butter. Set aside.

- Once the Cheese Dots are golden but not brown yet, brush the garlic butter all over and put back in the oven until the dots have a bit more colour. If using a Bundt pan, take them out of the pan, before you brush them with garlic butter.

- Serve immediately with your favourite sauce.

We served ours with Phlippens sauce and Hello Betina Chili and Garlic Jam, but you can have with whatever dip you want, like Marinara sauce, an Asiago artichoke dip, spinach dip, etc.

Delicious and amazingly different!

#cheesedots #pullapart

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