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a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

For us, being part of a community is actively working for it to flourish and grow, encouraging positive attitudes and making them a habit. We believe in simple acts of kindness, respect and equality. We believe in a more sustainable way of living that can protect and restore our ecosystem. We believe that if everyone can do a little bit in their own circle, we can all achieve greater things.


So what are we doing? 

We are committed to integrating sustainable practices in our everyday operations, from small things such as decreasing the use of paper to larger things like managing our food waste and minimizing our environmental impact within the supply chain. We are also committed to helping local non-profit organizations that have our same values and beliefs and you can learn more about the important work they are doing below:


Supports women, girls, and gender-diverse people to move out of violence, out of poverty, and into confidence and leadership.

Also delivers grants to high-impact partners that are also doing important work in gender equality and empowerment, like Future Black Female. An organization close to our heart, that works to empower Black girls and women between the ages of 16 and 22 to take charge of their education and career paths as well as their social, political, and civic engagement.

Local to our Niagara region, Links for Greener Learning works with programs and initiatives that focus on protecting and preserving our natural environment while providing meaningful social benefits to members of the community.

Through "Good Food Box", School Workshops for elementary students and Community Gardens, they are working to raise awareness of social and environmental issues and promoting possible solutions through education within our community.


United Way invests in solutions to poverty, food security, mental health & well-being in our Niagara region. They are dedicated to creating the opportunities people need to improve their lives and build a better future. They have several programs in the region that include providing school and basic needs supplies to low-income families, a help line and a website helping people navigate the complex network of human services among several other initiatives to improve our community.

Second Harvest is the largest food rescue program in Canada. That means they find surplus, edible food that businesses can’t use, and through their food recovery network, get it to the people in our communities who need it.

Rescuing food is the core of what they do, but they also have other programs like Harvest Kitchens,  Feeding Our Future, and their ongoing work in education, training, and research. 

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